About Scrawlon. Who's the author? What's the point?

PHOTO CREDIT: "Blue blast" by Eric Sonstroem on Flickr (Creative Commons)

About Scrawlon

My name is Scott McGrath. I'm an experienced software/web developer that has contributed to many coding projects -- from simple informational webpages to complex interactive web applications.

I wasn't always a developer though. I once had a long career in an unrelated field. I stumbled into programming. I don't remember when, but I came a across a free online course and enrolled. It was definitely a struggle in the beginning. In some ways, it still is.

Sometimes I learn just enough to get the job done. Other times, I'm obessed, spending every free moment reading blogs, watching videos, examining source code, and working on example projects to solidify this new knowledge with experience.

Learning is the core. There will always be stumbling blocks. There will always be too much to remember. When I'm first getting started, I take notes. When I struggle with something, and can't find the answer online, I try to make a note of it. If and when I find the time, I'll write about it here -- for my own sake, and for those that might stumble here searching for an answer.

AKA Scrawlon

On the Internet, I often go by Scrawlon. It's short, memorable and has that cool "hacker" vibe -- like Neo, Count Zero or Mr. Robot -- Hey. I loved sci-fi long before I loved programming.