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AKA Scott McGrath

On the Internet, I go by Scrawlon. It's short, memorable and has that cool "hacker" vibe -- like Neo, Count Zero or Mr. Robot -- Scrawlon is the unknown cyberpunk hero on the other side of your computer screen...

Back in the real world, they call me Scott. I'm no hacker, but I do write code. Professionally, 40 hours a week at Compulse Integrated Marketing, building and maintaining hundreds of WordPress websites, serving clients in many sectors across the country -- national brands (Schmidt Baking) -- broadcast television (Comet TV) -- real estate (Southern Highlands) -- education (Washington State University) -- and more.

I'm proud of that work, but the drive to learn and create doesn't end at the office door. Programming is as much art as profession. Recent personal projects include -- an Amazon Alexa game (Ask the A.I. Hive Mind) -- an open source MIDI library (Unofficial Novation Circuit™ MIDI CC JavaScript data library) -- a YouTube channel for Web MIDI API projects (Web MIDI Dev) -- a professional portfolio and blog (this site!).

When I'm not grinding out code for some active side venture, I'm reading docs, scouring my Twitter feed, experimenting on CodePen, hustling to stay current with the latest web languages and frameworks.